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babies screaming when you’re out shopping



this was relevant when I was in 6th grade and it’s still relevant in college 


this was relevant when I was in 6th grade and it’s still relevant in college 


"I would never sass you, Grandma!"


still exists, to this day apparently.

where my “friend” does not find interracial couples acceptable, people of the opposite race as her-to ALWAYS be ghetto, ignorant, beaters, and lazy.
i’m sorry but i did not move from NOVA, to the 1940’s.
i did not decide to live with you, to have your fucking boyfriend insult me, and call me asia, talk to me in chinese, or to tell me straight to my face that he does not associate with asians.


i would not trade being an asian american to become a “full on american” as you call it. I’m sorry i’m not white, i’m sorry my grandparents worked their asses off, and were separated from each other for YEARS to bring their children to america for a better life, not only for their children and their selves, but also their unborn grandchildren. 

they moved to AMERICA for the NEW american dream, a better life. America is also known as the international melting pot, i did not know we were not accepting other people of different races.

i also hate when you make fun of my cultures food, not the filipino dishes i eat, but my cultures food as in, ASIAN FOOD.

it’s not weird, it’s not exotic, it’s fucking food. stick it in your fucking mouth, try it, and eat it. do not think of the food i eat every day as “poor people food,” because i eat it every day, and you’re the one who owes me money because you didn’t have enough money to pay for your food, TWICE.

so do not look down upon MY RACE, MY IDENTITY, OR WHO I AM, just because i’m different than you, and i have different colored skin.

do not call african americans the “n word” and do not match their skin color with events that pop up in the news, just because a few of them end up in the news for events that have happened, does not mean you label them. you do not even know them.

do not call the obamas racists, tell me HOW they are racists.

do not say FOREIGN PEOPLE do not belong in this fucking country, this land of the FREE!

because you are the most racists little fuck i have ever met. and i swear to god, if i could i straight kick your fucking ass in a heart beat.

fuck you racists people.

at the end of all of our lives, we will decay into a fucking skeleton. 

we will all end up looking like bones, and there won’t be any race, gender, or sexuality. just your bones.


hippie vibes


hippie vibes