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last thing i ever want,

is to lose you.

i’m honestly so in love, everything else is blind. i want you and only you, i want you to be happy, and home. i want you to know i’ll be happy for you when you’re happy, no matter what’s making you happy.. i’ll bet upset over a few things, but just know that i’m happy for you. i’m always here for you, and i’ll always stick by your side no matter what.

i want you, from now until the end of time. and i don’t care if you don’t want me anymore, just know, that i will always be here for you the way you were here for me. and the way we did everything together. because you’re honestly my everything and probably the only person who genuinely gave a fuck about me.

it kills me to watch you leave me, but it’s killing me now knowing i’m stranded in the middle of no where and you don’t want to save me anymore..

find a real friend,

keep them close, and never let them go.

too many fake people in this world.


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